Higher Stock Fencing
The higher stock fencing is suitable for all types of livestock and especially favoured by those who keep chicken or deer. The deer netting alone can be up to 1.9m in height and the fence can be made even higher if required by adding a strand of wire on the top. Chicken fencing can range from 1.2m to 1.9m in height and can be made fox and badger proof. If you own horses and are worried about them getting their feet caught in the squares of the stock type fencing, a special horse netting is available.

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Deer netting 1.9m high

Meshed metal gate 1.8m high

Dog fencing

Badger netting with rabbit netting

4' wooden gate 1.9m high with netting attached

Deer netting 1.9m high

12' wooden gate 1.9m high with netting and rails beside